Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday, please don't be a bastard

Yesterday was awful.  Well, work was at least.  The rest of the day wasn't so bad.  But at work I had the kind of day where I want to catalog everything that went wrong.  Dear readers, be aware that it is out of respect for you that I refrain from this litany.  Things I can usually depend on failed.  I had Voltaic Crusher* stuck in my head, specifically the line "I am a flaw, I'm a mistake / I'm faulty, I always break."  (Not self-applied.  I blame Mustafa when computers break, not me.)

But today will be good to me, I just know it.  The fact that I have misplaced the only known copy of a certain key again will be no hindrance to the goodness of today.  I have already verified that I am not autistic, so that's a good start.  Also, Mustafa is taking off early today and the cedar pollen count is down to a mere 205 grains/m^3 from the unfathomable 3,617 of sometime last week.  Anyway, I have to go now and explain to a professor that I have locked her new computer in a closet that nobody has a key for.  Toodles.

* of Montreal, of course.  That ukelele version is the only one I could find online -- enjoy it 

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