Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Facile update

My recent mention of Daft Punk (as vocoder users par excellence) has prompted no less an authority than frequent commenter and apparent dance music afficianado elcaballo to speculate that I am stuck in a "sad 90's cul-de-sac" with regards to "facile" dance music (notwithstanding my link to in that post to Black Moth Super Rainbow and my somewhat embarassing but well-established interest in the mashup genre). Well, sirs and madams, allow me to be very clear: my involvement with the IDM band Sad 90's Cul-de-Sac aside (not to be confused with emo side project Cul-de-Sad), I make no pretense of expertise in the area of dance music. I am a pupil, my commenters are the teachers.

Oh, and thanks for formally welcoming me to 2009, dickweed.


Elcaballo responds in the comments section but, as usual, is all over the place. He may need to lay off the Goldschlager for a while, as the flakes appear to be impairing his ability to construct a cogent argument. I would deconstruct his "arguments" (such as they are), but I am afraid that if I use the words "facile electronic dance music" one more time, I will start to get some unwanted Google traffic. I will have to be content simply noting that it is elcaballo's mom who is, in fact, facile.


  1. Since you have the reading skills of a third grader, please allow me to clarify my criticisms:

    (1) Your love of GT reveals an interest in facile electronic dance music--this does not mean that all the dance music you like is facile but that, minimally, you are attracted to one particularly facile representative of the genre.

    (2) Your belief that Daft Punk represents the ultimate evolution of the dance genre (this is pure assertion on my part, but there it is) indicates that you are in a 90s cul-de-sac. I have not called Daft Punk facile electronic dance music. This criticism is separate from the "fedm" critique.

    (3) My welcome to 2009 was hardly formal. If it were, I would surely have invoked Dick Clark and broken out the fireworks. I was rather inviting you, ever so gently, to the bold world of non-facile dance music as it exists in 2009.

    (4) My criticism is not predicated on your being some kind of dance music expert. It was rather a comment specific to the artists you mentioned in your posts, or in personal conversation. Regardless, it's unclear what you're trying to accomplish by disclaiming expertise in this area. Are you implying that criticism should only be offered to experts? A dubious claim which you immediately undermine by calling yourself a student. Are you then implying that, in some way, my discourse assumed expertise on your part? Rubbish. This post is just the latest inanity you thrust on us, your purported teachers. It's time, Lazlo, to come out of your basement and rejoin the classroom.