Friday, January 2, 2009

14 Questions

I got this from frequent commenter Christie's blog. (I really like her answer to #3, by the way.)

1. Character in a Wes Anderson film you most relate to: Max Fischer, you wee spotty fuck
2. What is/are your favourite plant(s)? None, but my least favorite pollen is live oak. I do like a good sweet potato, for eating.
3. What fills you with dread? Usually a dread syringe.
4. Most influential creative person in your life? Creativity is for sucks. Mockery is where it's at.
5. Do you like cats better than dogs or vice versa? Why? I didn't really like Vice Versa, so I'm going to have to go with Cats Better Than Dogs, by default. Sounds like something I'd like.
6. What was the first thing you ever wanted to be? Why? Real estate appraiser. Seriously. Because my dad was one. All I knew was that they drove around and took a lot of pictures, and when I went with them they gave me ice cream.

7. What’s the best ice cream-truck song you’ve ever heard? This question is the reason I filled out this questionnaire. I just found out the name of the song is Music Box Dancer and the truck drives around Highland Park. I made up my own words for the song before I knew the name: "Everyone knows that Juancho's in town / and the ice cream is free when Juancho's around" (repeat ad infinitum, or until your wife starts threatening you).
8. What is your favourite song by Simon & Garfunkel? I can really get into "Bridge Over Troubled Water" in a melodramatic way. I also really like the bass harmonica in "The Boxer."
9. What is your stripper/pornstar name? (Name of your first pet + name of the first street you lived on): Flash Bamford
10. Do you have collections (deliberate or inadvertent)? I had a box of junk cameras but I gave it away. I don't like having useless stuff, but it does often find its way to me. As lame as this is, I do have several coffee mugs stolen from work. My favorite says "Be All God Wants You to Be" and it has a butterfly on it.
11. Do you prefer rainy weather or sunny weather? Why? BOOOOORING.
12. Favourite TV show theme song that is over 10 years old? 60 Minutes.
13. Favourite breakfast meal? Either Malt-O or oat.
14. Best record you’ve bought recently: I bought a music box for my daughter that plays "My Old Kentucky Home," but no records lately.


  1. Wow. Music Box Dancer is the song that they played in my grocery store in Japan. it subconsciously made me have to BM. book stores do that too.

  2. I love using the Barnes and Noble depository.

  3. Flash Bamford is pretty good. I'm guessing that whomever subdivided your neighborhood watched a lot of porn. Clearly my first dog and our street in Sunland predestined me to be a drag queen. If I can only find the right shoes...