Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My incompetent co-worker, pt. 2

Part two in an infinite series. Lately, Mustafa has been getting pretty passive-aggressive (although he doesn't eat sweets of any kind, so I don't think he is the pudding thief or writer of the P.S. note). Last week I asked him to call in some warranty work on four computers with bad motherboards in the lab next to my office. (Dell's strong point is their business-level warranty support, not necessarily their quality control.*) A few days later, I asked him about it again. Then, this morning -- with one day left before the semester starts (he's taking Friday off) -- he informs me that he was waiting for me to tell him which computers need new motherboards. How about the ones that won't turn on, dipshit?

I'm going to one-up him, though. I'm going to do the most passive-aggressive thing ever and never say anything to him or anybody else about how retarded he is. I'm just going to blog about it. Take that, Mustafa!

In the midst of this nincompoopery, I am still reminded of the benefits of state employment: low expectations, great benefits, lots of vacation, low pay, and drinking on lunch break. Yes, that's right, I'm going to the Crown and Anchor pub with some fellow university friends for lunch. Glorious! They have a great veggie burger there.

Anyway, a clarification about my commute yesterday, since frequent antagonist and noted dickweed elcaballo had a question about it. What happened is this: I forgot my ID, which I need to ride the bus. So, I walked to the bus, got on, realized I didn't have my ID, got off at the next stop, walked home, drove my older daughter to school, waited for her school to open, drove to the bus stop (with Baby and Alia**, who took the car), and got on the bus again to go to work.

* And I'm pretty pissed off at Dell for this shit.

** That would be my younger daughter. Thanks for the suggestions, elcaballo.

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  1. Um... I'm not totally comfortable with the "Alia" designation. For one thing, what is the water of life, in this situation?