Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Furr" / Beyoncé updates / reader response

I stumbled upon the video for "Furr" today, and I liked it. However, it does not clarify anything about the lyrics at all. Here is the link. My wife said the video looks like a review of the Williamsburg Craft Fair retail booths for the last few years, what with the trains, boats, and woodland themes. I suppose that last sentence will mean something to somebody who reads this blog. I liked the part with the bee.

And I would be neglecting my duties as the proprietor of this blog if I didn't link to this Beyoncé/Fleet Foxes mashup from The Hood Internet.

Furthermore, I am compelled to draw attention to reader/beat doctor elcaballo's comment regarding New Balance shoes in hip hop. In the relentless pursuit of truth and amusement, I occasionally make errors. My statement that Beck's "Little Drum Machine Boy" had "the only shout out to New Balance shoes I've ever heard on a record" should have read as follows: "[the song has] got a fresh beat and partakes in the long tradition of shouts out to New Balance shoes in hip-hop." Thank you, elcaballo, for pointing out my error. You are still a royal dickweed.

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