Saturday, December 13, 2008


Liz Lemon has famously stated that grad students are the worst. However, she is wrong. Undergraduates are the worst. I work with them on a daily basis; my office is next to an undergrad computer lab. Maintaining that lab is one of many job duties. I have several undergraduate employees who do the day-to-day stuff like changing printer paper -- or at least they're supposed to. Frequently they don't do much of anything and the lab users (also undergrads) walk right past them to ask me their inane questions about printing out 50-page PowerPoint presentations.*

But it's really not the interactions in the lab that make me loathe college students. Mainly it's that they're a bunch of poseur douchebags. When I was in college, mainstream fashion was boring enough that you couldn't tell who was trying to look cool and who didn't care about their clothes. This is a typical college student in 2000:

Nowadays, fashion is actually interesting. However, this also makes it possible to completely overdo it and look like a dipshit. I took this picture outside my building yesterday:

Damned kids. Actually part of the problem is the fact that I moved from LA to Austin -- so I saw some really hideous trends come and go (e.g. UGGs with tights. Apologies to people that looks good on, but understand that you could probably wear anything if you can pull that off) and then moved in time to watch them come and (hopefully) go in another fashion market. The students who aren't trying too hard are usually wearing sweats 24 hours a day, which is only slightly less objectionable.

*Isn't printing out PowerPoint presentations kind of retarded? In MY day, we had course packets, and by God, we liked them. Stop wasting my paper. You're barely going to remember anything two years after you graduate, and taking proper notes is more likely to help you on a final anyway.


  1. Didn't realize UGGs had come back there...they unfortunately never went out of style here in the UK, so I see about a gazillion pairs of them daily. Pretty obnoxious.

    Also, my sister would appreciate it if you'd ask before posting her picture on the internet.

    But if you like her style, check this out:

  2. So are you saying I shouldn't wear my tights anymore, or I just shouldn't wear them with UGGs? I'm confused.