Friday, December 19, 2008

Five websites I read

Here are five sites I enjoy. They all happen to be blog-type sites, but none of them are people I actually know.

Hark! A Vagrant.
Some lady named Kate Beaton. She has a talent for capturing expressions and tends to cover some really nerdy material. Also she's Canadian.

Sexy People.
Glamour shots, headshots, family portraits from the fringe and/or the past.

Comics Curmudgeon.
Josh Fruhlinger reads newpaper comics and makes fun of them. The site has a lot of in-jokes and a massive commentary section (which I generally don't read) filled with bizarre-looking but seemingly intelligent people.

Passive-Aggressive Notes.
Chronicling a neglected aspect of our lives. I have been trying to get them to publish one of the notes I've found for several months. I think it's golden but they're not biting. Assholes.

Photoshop Disasters.
This is one of those awesome sites were the commentary section seemingly despises everything posted on the site. It's become part of the charm.

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