Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bands I saw last night: Bob and Barbara

Last night I went to see Bob and Barbara at the Hole in the Wall.  I believe it was their first show ever.  B&B are fronted by my friend Winston, who sang in a jarringly beautiful, Janis Joplinesque falsetto for almost all of the songs,* and who apparently taught the other three members of the band (all female, Charlie's Angels style -- speaking of Beyoncé) how to play their instruments.  Other than a few charming missed starts and a bit of on-the-job coaching, the band played their pawn shop instruments well enough to fit Winston's inventive songs.

I bought a cassette that I have yet to listen to (my only deck is in my car and I didn't drive last night) for $2 and was pleased to find out one of my good friends from LA had designed the case.

Being at the Hole in the Wall was great.  The crowd reminded me that there are still a lot of really cool people in Austin I haven't met, and a lot of people I peripherally know already were there, like that guy from my church with the crazy brown glasses.

I also saw part of a Cari Palazzolo side project band that I can't remember the name of, but they were quite entertaining.  Listen to Cari's band Belaire's cover of Kanye West's Through the Wire.  It is so good.

* I suggest he adopt the stage name "Manis Joplin."

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