Tuesday, December 16, 2008

UGGs update / retraction

I see that no less an authority than fashion blogger Christie of thelooksee.com has pointed out my error in assuming that T-Pain's "boots with the fur" refers to UGGs. I have no doubt she's right in saying that the afformentioned boots are more likely to be Mukluks. (And I suppose T-Pain would have said "the boots with the wool" if he were referring to UGGs.) It turns out these boots are outrageously expensive. I hate to sound cynical, but sometimes it seems like people in hip-hop culture are attracted to expensive things because they're expensive, and not necessarily because they are of high quality.

Above: A trendsetter listens to Young Jeezy's lastest single.

My "unacceptable" rating for UGGs applies to the Mukluks doubly. Not only are they hideous and undoubtedly seasonally inappropriate anywhere in the continental US, but they are made from foxes and seals and shit.


  1. they also make you look like you cut of the legs of a bear, hollowed them out, and slipped them over your own. gross. but UGGs are still shiteous too.

  2. damn i should really proof-read my comments. i meant to type "cut off the legs of a bear"