Monday, December 15, 2008

Reader questions

In response to my comment on UGGs* and tights, reader Semprini** asks: "So are you saying I shouldn't wear my tights anymore, or I just shouldn't wear them with UGGs?"

That's a good question. UGGs are generally not acceptable, unless you live in an extremely cold climate or work in a refrigerated environment. Tights are okay on females -- although I'm going to draw the line at stirrup pants -- but I happen to know Semprini is not a female. Judging the acceptability of tights on men is an exercise best left to the reader.

*For the uninitiated, UGGs are the "boots with the fur" formerly hawked by Rush Limbaugh and (more recently) worn by a nameless shorty whilst "getting low," in T-Pain's popular song. Speaking of which, I've had a question since the first time I heard that song -- how can the shorty be wearing both boots AND the "Reeboks with the straps?" Or for that matter, both "apple-bottom jeans" and "baggy sweat pants?"

**Furthermore, what's a "semprini" anyway? A cocktail preferred by Marines? One of Voldemort's other pets, rejected for use as a horcrux? A kind of pasta?


  1. not to correct you but i have always thought "boots with the fur" refers to the more lace-up muckluck style boots that have fur about anywhere from 4" around the outer edge of the top to all over. somehow they've caught on in the hip-hop scene after UGGs.


  2. I too have wondered about the sweatpants AND the Apple Bottom Jeans. I guess it's just really cold where this chap lives, and so people bundle up a lot. That explains the boots too.
    "Semprini" is a forbidden word in the Monty Python "Chemist" sketch.

  3. I know that man in tights - he's the Christian Robinhood looking for a faire maiden. He emailed me once. I wasn't faire enough for him, methinks.