Monday, February 23, 2009

Skipping work Monday

This weekend I performed a wedding for a very good friend of mine. It was small and elegant, and the groom said "I love you" to me during the vows.  It was that kind of shindig.

Today Baby was studying all day, so I skipped work and went on a bike ride, pulling the kids in our bike trailer.  It was good times.  It was also the first time I've successfully (a) patched a bike tire and (b) used a tire spoon without pinching the tube.  Baby refused to believe that "pinching a tube" wasn't a scatological reference, even when I explained that it's what happens when a "tube" gets stuck on the "rim."  If I go any further with this, I could really up my Google keyword hits, but I don't want to take the easy way out.  


Despite the imminent project deadline, Baby and I decided to make it a date night and called Baby's generous aunt Pam for some babysitting.  We walked to Korea House for pork bulgogi, bibimbap, and "Sexy Girl" sushi rolls.  The waiter thought less of me for ordering the "Sexy Girl" rolls -- for a second it seemed like he was going to tell me I wasn't allowed to order that or something -- but they were very good, once the trachea-swelling avocado was removed.

Overall, it was an A- day -- not too bad for a Monday -- and my older daughter asked me if "God has a wand."  This is not the first theological question she's asked me, but it's definitely the first I feel my MA hadn't prepared me to answer.

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