Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 things about LAZLO HOLLYFELD

Following the lead of numerous blogging friends (including noted campfire singalong lover Craigers and potential lurker Mosesface), here are 25 things about me, more or less.

(1) I very seriously wanted my younger daughter's middle name to be Comanche.  

(2) If I have a son someday, Baby will have to fight me to keep his middle name from being Texas.

(3) I am jealous of ethnic and religious groups that get to wear distinctive outfits. Occupations, too.

(4) I would wear the same clothes every day if I thought nobody would notice.

(5) I look forward to thinking about things (aka daydreaming), and plan particular times and places to do so.

(6) I am very good at putting babies to bed.

(7) I have no piercings or tattoos.

(8) However, I did get my left nipple pierced when I was 18.

(9) It was mostly because I wanted to see people's reactions.

(10) I'm not the kind of person who does things just for reactions.

(11) The piercing emigrated.

(12) I have decided I might get a tattoo if I like the same idea for a year.

(13) I got an idea a couple weeks ago.

(13b) Have you seen kids these days with their tattoos?

(13c) It's like they show up to college as 18-year-olds with all kinds of shit already inked on their bodies.

(13d) Grow up a little before you start committing to that kind of thing!

(14) I enjoy flying in planes, and I love turbulence.

(15) I get all my nutrients and water from eucalyptus leaves.

(16) I have recurring daydreams about mass transit coordination and stoplight sequencing.

(17) I am allergic to many uncooked fruits: apples, bananas, peaches, pears, oranges, and avocados, as well as some nuts. I have also developed an allergy to uncooked soy -- tofu is okay, but soy milk makes my throat swell up, even in coffee.

(18) My blog pseudonym is a reference to the movie "Real Genius," and it is not misspelled.

(19) I have been to the steam tunnels under Caltech.  The significance of this will be evident if you have seen Real Genius.

(20) I have a photo credit for an album cover.

(21) I work with somebody named Jay Kay and another named Kay Jay. They have never met.

(22) I met Baby during my senior year of high school. In our first conversation, she told me I looked like Bob Dylan; I asked a friend what Dylan looked like and he told me he was an old Jewish guy. A few months later, we ran into one another again, and she told me she was moving to Austin. She gave me her mom's phone number, but I didn't call her because I am generally afraid of other people's parents.

(23) When I was thinner and before I realized that washing my hair every day makes it highly voluminous, I looked vaguely like Bob Dylan from the cover of Nashville Skyline.

(24) I often imagine that it would be wonderful to shave my head.

(25) Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.


  1. oh, chase. after 16 years you should know me better -- i never lurk.

    now quit playing koala and come put my baby to bed.

  2. I saw Real Genius about two weeks ago and almost lost my shit when the professor said "The young people enjoy it when I get down verbally." More importantly, has anyone ever wondered why the little car is at the top of the tunnel when whatshisface discovers the secret passage? I mean the crazy dude is already at the bottom! C'mon!

  3. Craig, it's also weird that Lazlo doesn't hear the thing coming down.

    Chase, this may help with #3: http://plainlydressed.com/. Or have you already forgotten?