Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On the pulling of one's card

Recently I was in a local sandwich shop inquiring about off-menu items* when the conversation turned to card catalogs.  The sandwich shop employee pointed out that with the extinction of card catalogs, kids will have no idea what Eazy E means when he threatens to "pull ya card" in Boyz N Tha Hood** (do I really need to say NSFW?).  That statement surprised me, because it never even occurred to me that Eazy could be making a reference to circulation management.  

 Eazy E asks a librarian for help locating the reference card for a certain trash talking motherfucker.

I thought it referred to something like drawing playing cards to determine who was going to die, or even to the death card of the Vietnam war, but I have to conclude that the sandwich-making man was right.  Eazy is threatening to take trash-talkers out of circulation like a library book.  It kind of makes the whole thing rather quaint, as if he had said he was going to degauss your VHS collection or scrape your palimpsest.

Tomorrow -- the eternal hardness of boys in the hood: macho swagger or priapistic disfunction?

* I was asking about a mythical sandwich with two veggie burger patties and salsa, which the employee had never heard of.  He did inform me that "back in the day" at "certain locations" one could order the Veggie Delite with meat and recieve a side of marijuana.  There was no report on what happened if you ordered "extra anchovies."

** Funny story: I actually saw Dynamite Hack (most famous for their singer-songwriter style cover of "Boyz N Tha Hood") open for the Polyphonic Spree.  Weirdest double bill ever?  They apparently have the same producer.


  1. Between my brother and I, whenever one of us asks a question that other doesn't have an answer for we reply,"Well did you look in the card catalogue?"
    Also, we grew up with Eazy E.

  2. OMG! You love Patrick Dempsey?!?


    (there, a comment... ha!)


  3. i love card catalogs. that's all i've got really. nice blog, hon.