Friday, February 20, 2009

A letter to my wife

From the Time Travel Bureau:

Who knew she had such antipathy towards Percy Shelley?  Although her hatred has been seething for quite some time, this comic seems to have acted as a lightning bolt to animate the monster of her rage, sewn together from various elements including the reading of Shelley's terrible poetry, Baby's belief in the superiority of Mary Shelley's writing, and P.B.'s misogyny.  

What a nerd!


  1. this is seriously amazing. wren and jane are going to look back on it and think that she was either a.) totally rad b.) kinda insane c.) all of the above

  2. Every time traveller knows that the Time Traveller Convention is held every May 7, 2005 at MIT. Who knows, maybe Mrs. Lazlo was there, but in disguise because who would want to blow their own cover?

    If I was awesome, I'd somehow make this post look like it posted four years ago. However, my awesomeness comes with limitations.