Monday, April 13, 2009

White Power Bill hates White Power Bill

On Saturday, an unnamed once-and-future Austinite visting for the weekend from Los Angeles gave me $5 to buy a plunger.

As you can see up there above, there is a URL for a prominent white supremacy website on it.  Evidence of neo-Nazi activity in Dave's wallet or an extremely oblique Arrested Development reference?  You decide.  (Props to Baby for noticing.)

As a bonus, when I bought the plunger, I got this coupon in return:

Now that's effective cross-marketing!


  1. man. if i knew this post was coming, i would have gone through with twittering about your poofy crotch.

  2. While reading this post I made the mistake of picking up the phone at work. This is hillarious. "But I'm white..."

  3. At first I thought - What's the big deal, Dave? So Lazlo has a puffy couch. Who cares?

    Nope. Not what that said at all.

  4. so, uh, why was dave giving you money for a plunger?