Friday, April 10, 2009

Just clarifying some things

On Wednesday, I sent an email to Mustafa because he was grumpy that I didn't answer the phone when people called.  (It's his job.)  This is how the email began:

Here is some written documentation about how faculty and staff should contact us, and what we should do once we’ve been contacted.  For the purposes of this email, I’m going to call us the Office of Information Technology (OIT) in the ----- of ------.  The purpose of defining our contact methods is to allow us to serve the ----- faculty and staff as well as possible while keeping the process of using OIT for support easy for faculty and staff.

This was the beginning of his response, Thursday morning:
Hey Lazlo,

What is OIT.

October 20-something 2009 is Mustafa's 65th birthday.  Oh how I hope and pray he will retire immediately.


  1. So wait - do you pronounce the dashes, or is that like Prince changing his name to +o-> or whatever. If it's an unpronounceable symbol, do you have to count the dashes like Morse Code to differentiate the words your subsituting?

    Man, enough with the avoiding names and just let reader know you work for Pensecola Christian College. There's no shame in your game.

    Unless you've sinned recently. Then there's lots. 'Cause they're kinda fundie.

  2. by the way... you should check out this guy's work. it's amazing. or something.