Thursday, April 23, 2009

What I've been doing instead of blogging

Reviewing a theology book.  I only had to write 500 words, but I could have gone on for thousands about how much this book sucked.  Baby can attest to that, as she was the one who had to listen to me bitch and moan about it as I was reading it.  Since the review is running on an independent bookstore's site, I had to emphasize the few good aspects of the book -- i.e. why anybody would want to buy it.  The next book I'm reviewing for them looks problematic, but at least it will probably be interesting.  I couldn't read this last book on the bus because I'd fall asleep every time I cracked it open.

Pitching a class to my church with Arkay.  I was really nervous about this -- I hate public speaking -- but it was actually a lot of fun.  Let's hope the class doesn't suck and everybody ends up hating me and I lose all my friends.  Now that we've planned part of the class I have a lot of reading to do, though.

(Picture unrelated)

Baiting hipster-haters on various websites.  I don't know what it is about me, but sometimes I just can't resist getting in arguments online.  It's probably a sickness.  Maybe I just don't have enough real drama in my life, so I seek out pretend drama.  My favorite part about the hipster-haters is that I don't really disagree with them generally, so it's easy to figure out how to piss them off.  And these are some angry, angry dudes.  I think New York hipsters must be a lot more obnoxious than the LA variety.  

(Before somebody says something about cognative dissonance or hypocracy or whatever for loving theology and hater-baiting, know ye that I'm pretty tame compared to say, Paul of Tarsus.  That dude knew how to troll.) 

Working.  Seriously, when am I going to get a competent co-worker?  I spent four hours yesterday babysitting a file transfer because I couldn't trust Mustafa to do even that.  Also recently I have had the treat of going to great lengths to make a purchase recommendation that was not only completely ignored by the prof I was working with, but that was actively contradicted.  And now I am cleaning up the significant mess resulting.  Bollocks!


  1. i can't believe i'm going to spend my superior brain power hypothesizing on the subject, but i think there are 2 grades of hipsters. those who like the music and shop at American Apparel, and those who take it another level and do a bunch of coke and wear even stupider clothes and spin records. my research is incomplete, but this is the overall thesis.

    you should rethink the usage of "baiting hipster-haters".

  2. I'm almost crying at my desk at work because of davatron's comment. Seriously, don't 'bait anyone. Not for free at least.

    When we're middle aged are our kids going to be raiding our closet to dress up for "hipster day" at school? I'm going to have to be all "sorry son, your dad had a job with taxable income and an inability to grow interesting facial hair in the 00's, but feel free to try on those flat-front trousers..."

  3. yes, just slightly less douchey then new york hipsters are san francisco hipsters. then los angeles hipsters.

  4. oops: than not then... need to spellcheck myself!