Monday, March 30, 2009

You know what annoys me?

I'll tell you what.  It annoys me when people describe their music taste in one of the following ways: (a) eclectic or (b) "anything but rap."  

The former (a) is only annoying because when somebody says his or her taste is eclectic, it's almost never true.  It usually means they like Nickelback AND Bob Marley.  It often also means that their tastes run towards the shitty, for some reason.  (Which is to say that they don't have the refined tastes of this blog's humble author.)

The latter (b) makes me want to say: really?  You're into Norwegian black metal, shoegaze, lounge music, contemporary Christian music, Shomyo Buddhist chants, Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, free jazz, Southern gospel, and Raffi*?  Just as long as nobody attempts to rapidly speak rhyming phrases over a sampled beat.  Huh.  That's weird.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: if you somebody asks you what kind of music you like, you're best off just sneering and saying "you wouldn't have heard of anything I like."  Or, you know, naming some specific bands or genres.

*(Well, not all Raffi, I guess.)


  1. i learned that my music tastes weren't eclectic by listening to Eklektikos on KUT. if that's "eclectic", i don't want it. i hate this show and it takes a 3 hour daily dump on the radio that i actually enjoy.

  2. ahhh.... (heavy breathing)... the weather today...ahhhhh.....might actually get some sun! ahhhhhhhhh....hmmm.....did anyone else like that movie? with the luge? and the Jamaicans? what was that called...? ahhhhh.... i'll take the third called who can tell me the song i'm thinking of and the color of my polo shirt....hmm....for two tickets to the long center production of..... willie and wheel....hmm.... but without wilie. just bob willis. ahhhhh....

    that's usually the point at which i drive into a ravine. also, keep in mind that sentence took about 15 minutes for him to say.

  3. thanks for that, chase. few things captivate my daughter more than sunglasses and synthesizers.