Friday, March 27, 2009

Gave dude a dog

In an attempt to close the puppy gap between this blog and Craig's, Baby and I picked up a new dog last night.  Actually, my dad realized his daschund Alvin (previously pictured here) was a bit more than he could handle, so we took Little A off Dad's hands.  I had kind of anticipated this happening when we got Dad the dog (at his insistence), but I had hoped it would happen after Alvin was older and more housebroken.  Oh well -- it looks like Baby's mom might take him home with her this weekend.  

At the moment, though, things are a little rough; Ramona (our seven-year-old black Lab) wants Alvin to leave her alone and Alia is terrified of him.  Older Daughter just wants to lock him in his kennel -- not because she doesn't like him, but because she feels like that's his "home" and so she puts him there like she would put a doll in its house.  He's actually a very good dog and seems to be pretty clever, but he's quite a nipper and he pisses everywhere.  But you know, that's kind of just what you get.


  1. my brother has a dachshund-mix, and granted, my brother and his fiance are the laziest people i know, but that dog still doesn't know how to pee outside and she's now full-grown.

  2. Baby's mom's late dachshund apparently never learned to pee outside, and she lived a long, long time.

  3. Dog warming party? Dog training party? Have you seen the physics rod and ball video? Is the earth still spinning?