Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cleaning out the cameraphone

A softer, gentler blog entry today; these are some of the pictures accumulated on my cameraphone.*
I don't know what happens if Alia "gets you" with her terrible black arm, but I have always assumed it's really really bad.

Which is better: Dog A above (Alvin Blacktail) or ...

Dog B (Ramona)?  I don't want to make any judgements until BOTH of our rugs are fully dried out from the horrors Ramona's colon inflicted on them Tuesday night.

Speaking of abominations before the Lord, who is up for some Onan's Pizza?  I'm not sure if there is a less appetizing Biblical character to associate your foodstuffs with.

From underneath the bridge next door to my house:

"Good luck going my shit."
"Bitch I'M all over Austin."

Just for the record, I didn't write either of those things.

A small sample of the amazing inventory of an optician's office also near my house.  These frames are new old stock (meaning they're authentically from the 70's or 80's) and remarkably, they are being offered unironically as glasses people might really like to wear.  The story is that the optician ordered way, way too many frames when his shop opened and has never been able to unload the old stock.  He also sells modern frames.

And finally, check out this awesome viking logo I saw the other day.  Kind of makes you want to go back in time.

* Bonus blog points if you can identify the song referred to in this video which seems to have become an inadvertent theme of comments on my blog and Craiger's.


  1. re: glasses - buy up the best ones if they're cheap, and ebay that shit!

  2. AHHH! I can't handle it! Youtube is blocked at work, so I have my phone sitting over by the window trying to load this video. No body answer, I really NEED the bonus points, or I'm never going to pass this class...

  3. Got it! It's "Tell it to My Heart" by Taylor Dane. Man, I love that song.

  4. Hm. I'm still holding onto those bonus points.

  5. Onan's Pizza! I'd go for the cheeseless pizza, if I were you.

  6. Christie got to it before me. "Psycho Killer."

  7. Onan's pizza... is that made with Spelt Seed? []