Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A question for cellphone designers

Is there a functional reason why cell phones are deisgned to explode like a Rock'Em Sock'Em Robot when dropped? I'm only asking because I would feel slightly better to know that my phone's histrionic part-shedding explosions weren't just for the benefit of some sadistic product designer who gets off on that kind of thing. Of couse it can't be the work of one man, since literally every phone I've owned has lost its battery and back case when dropped from more than a few inches.

The first person who tells me their iPhone doesn't explode when dropped gets punched.


  1. when i get punched for telling you my iphone doesnt explode when dropped… will my head pop off its shoulders with a cool ratcheting post to keep it hovering in the air?

  2. my sony walkman slider phone was actually a real bitch to get even with force, so no, it didn't explode when i dropped it. but it also wasn't a fancy ass smart phone either.