Thursday, June 4, 2009

That's "Señor Hollyfeld" to you, pendejo

So this blog has really been taking off lately.  Actually, that's the opposite of what the blog has been doing.  It's more like I've been taking off from the blog, right?  I know, right?

Basically it's like this: I am incredibly unmotivated to do anything.  I'm not sure why exactly -- it feels vaguely like depression, but it's not actually, since I'm not, you know, depressed.  But what little motivation and time I do have is routinely divvied up among my family, my job, the class I'm teaching, YouTube videos, the blog, and now Twitter.  Yeah, that's right, I joined Twitter.  It's pretty cool actually -- it's the good parts of Facebook (interaction) without the nonsense (quizzes, groups, spam, photo galleries, profiles, etc.).  So I get it now, and it's good.

All that to say, sorry blog.  This is what feed readers were invented for; I'll probably pick up with more regular posts and cutting observations on the state of music, fashion, and Beyoncé sometime soon, but it'll probably be slow for a while.  I know my moods and brain chemistry well enough to know that I will be posting the shit out this blog in about three weeks.

Now the good news:

1. I just got a promotion.  Booyah!  My formal title was "Desktop Support Specialist."  It will now be "Sr. Desktop Support Specialist."  Yes, the title officially has an abbreviation at the beginning.  It technically stands for "Senior" but I'm going to alternate between pretending it stands for "Señor" and "Sister" (as in a nun).  I have also officially gained the unofficial title (ah, bureaucracy) of "IT Manager."  This is pretty cool, since it means I can talk to people in other parts of the University without them wondering who the hell I am, but it's also a little intimidating since I am now officially responsible for the lazy undergrad losers I've hired to work in my lab and if one of them doesn't show up for a week I'm expected to notice and do something about it.

2. Baby and I are going to Mexico tomorrow!  Woo!  We're going to an island off the coast near Cancun.  It'll be awesome and I'm very much looking forward to it.  Baby's mom is watching the girls for three whole nights.  Woo!


  1. DAD JOKE OF THE YEAR AWARD 2009 for "First Paragraph of this Post".

  2. have fun on your trip! sounds awesome. have some mojitos for me.

    congrats on the promotion too. :)

  3. Regarding that "depressed" feeling, you're what 28-29?