Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Three more songs I get stuck in my head

Ash Wednesday edition.

These songs are all "situational" in the way they come into my head. A phrase or familiar pattern will make me think of them.

1. Girlfriend in a Coma. I get this one stuck in my head whenever anyone utters a phrase following the pattern "(two syllable word) in a (two syllable word)," at which point I immediately think "I know, I know, it's serious." (E.g.: "salsa on a taco, I know, I know, it's serious.") Also, anytime I see a Toyota Tacoma I think "girlfriend in Tacoma" and the song is in my head again. These days, the Smiths' song is also accompanied with Animal Collective's Lion in a Coma. Fortunately "Lion" isn't very catchy, so it doesn't persist. Is the intro to "Lion" a bit reminiscent of "Girlfriend?" I wonder if it's an homage or a coincidence. Or my overactive imagination.

2. As Tears Go By. Anytime it is the evening of the day and I'm sitting and watching my children play, this song is likely to get stuck in my head, for reasons that should be plain. Let me be straight: the song is mawkish shit, but I can't say it doesn't get stuck in my head. Linked here is the superior Marianne Faithfull Merseybeat version, instead of the Rolling Stones' original, with the nauseating strings and the guitar that sounds like it's being played with a dentist's tooth scraper.

3. Uncle Albert Admiral Halsey. This one gets in my head whenever I apologize for anything, which is pretty frequent. It's a good song, though, so I'm cool with that. Another song from this album -- Dear Boy -- was just covered by my friends Bodies of Water, and I think it's great. I tend to associate Band on the Run and other Wings songs with the dentist's office for some reason. Not in an unpleasant way, but more in a stoned-off-my-gourd-on-nitrous-as-a-six-year-old way. Listen to the guitar part (under the vocals) on "Band" at 1:53-2:05. That is seriously my favorite sound ever right there. If a certain Kabulo (soon to be Kabube or Kalobe?) still reads this blog, she'll know the other Wings song I think about most, particularly when I hear the word "sufragette."

There, now have a somber and safe Lent.


  1. I prefer the less popular 'Munchkin in a coma...' which was Munch's favorite to dance to in my room.

  2. Is it bad that whenever I am stressed at work I get the opening baseline from Psycho Killer in my head? If I end up on the news please say nice things.